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The value of working with both major enterprise in Communication – and destinations within Sustainable place development.

We believe in cross-fertilization

Maybe it sounds a bit ecological, which also is natural – we are a bureau consisting of both market communicators and ecologists. And then we can refer to our long-standing experience of working with bigger, Swedish companies on meeting communications as well as with cities, municipalities and regions on place-based development. Two issues that turned out to benefit mutually from cross-fertilisation – a bit of: one plus one is three…

For you working on destinations, we contribute with our corporate experience on bringing all interest groups around one, common aim, one brand – a meeting communications approach inviting everybody to “join the train”. And meeting the demands of the corporate sector is also an invaluable experience when addressing the challenges for the travel and tourism sector.

And opposite – our experience from working with place-based developments adds value to you in the business world working on sustainability communications. Sustainable place-based development – socially, economically & environmentally – can benefit from how the corporate world addresses the sustainability concept and become more transparent and trusted vis-à-vis citizens at the local, regional and national levels.

To summarise with an ecological analogy, let’s compare with a symbiosis where a place needs its sustainable enterprises but that companies also are dependent on sustainable places to benefit and be well accepted.

Communications & meetings

With more than 10 years’ of experience from working with communications, we still feel excited by the power from meetings of people. And the interface between people and brands – real brand experience.
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Sustainable, local development

Long-term sustainability serves as the starting point for working with our customers. It is embedded in our cardiovascular system since our team consists of a unique combination of ecologists, marketing strategists and local development experts.
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