About Us

“Strategic and ecological competence in the same team…”

We are convinced that sound developments require sustainability anchored in reality and trust.

Therefore we have chosen to unite creative communicators with experienced ecologists – in the same team.

This means that we enthusiastically assist you and other enterprises with more efficient sustainability communications, Corporate Responsibility (CR) and strategies for trust building positioning. And our CR focus is applied across all our services, including high quality events and smart meeting approaches.

In addition to receiving support on successful communications, we also help you to stay one step ahead of others, to gain corporate advantages through a strong sustainability profile. It is about taking responsible decisions and creating a green image built on trust.

In our work with cities, municipalities and regions, ecology and sustainability are prerequisites. To grow, ecologically based planning is necessary to obtain international and national accreditation for visitor destinations, urban and rural development, etc. A key factor is to identify the unique, green capital, which will serve as the basis for creating new attractions, commercially viable experiences, profiling and place branding. In such a process our ecologists and marketing experts work closely together with you in developing a value chain anchored in the landscape with its place based offer and future brand.

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Our Skills

The human capital is our team, our consultants and network of skilled talents in the areas of communications and place-based development. With the right skills and expertise, our goal is always to find the best customer relevant solutions, with an impact beyond the expected. With results that make a difference. Therefore we work towards clear, measurable and ambitious goals.
Note: Although we are based in Stockholm, we work across Sweden and in collaboration with international companies, organisations and destinations – all with the aim of delivering innovative communications and project results well above the ordinary. Welcome!

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The market ecology

For us the concept of sustainability is to inspire our clients to maximise success and growth, not despite sustainability – but thanks to. The market shows that those “best in class” gain market shares and media recognition, and here we can offer you as customer to reach further, communicate better and obtain business advantages on the green playing field. We call it “market ecology” – where CR serves as the rulebook and the client as referee.


Together with our customers, we build powerful brands, implement innovative projects and create communications that strengthen relationships. We help you creating attraction and stronger relations to your current customers, potential clients, media, within your own organisation, and all the actors in a strategic network.
Our passion for innovation is a promise to you as client that we always search for new, smarter and better solutions to old problems – both in communications as well as for sustainable place-based development.
In summary – more innovation to empower your brand, your offer – or your place!

Feedback & impact

“Thanks a lot for arranging this interesting and valuable event!
Congratulations to the high ratings – I agree totally – it was really excellent and of best quality.”
CIO Citymail Elisabeth Stjernstoft
97.8% ”good” or ”excellent”.
Ratings from decision-makers at HP’s Pole Position Day
”A warm thank you for a well implemented shareholders’ meeting and the fantastic dinner in the evening!”
Feedback from the Praktikertjänsts shareholders’ event
”Again top ratings from our guests – 3.45 on average from feedback on the scale 1-4, with 4 as excellent”.
Summary from customers at EDS
95.6% rated their participation in the knowledge day as ”well spent time”.
Assessment at a HP’s PDD event
”It was really successful and the participants seemed very satisfied with the event – and the short report in ABC News was good PR”.
Customer representative, Fortum Stockholm
“Once again a big success. Both the day and the evening event were well received by the participants. We only got positive feedback…”.
CEO, BB Stockholm AB

Communication & meetings

We have received a lot of positive feedback from our customers and their clients during more than ten years of exciting work on communications and events for companies, authorities and destinations, as proven by ratings on impact and satisfaction – something we really are proud of.

Sustainable place development

And feedback is just as important of all our client assignments and project activities within the place development and missions in the hospitality industry around the country. Inspiring and stimulating!

”Good analysis and clear strategy with links to local, regional, national and international levels”.
Rigmor Sylvén, Manager, Destination report, South Skåne
”A clear and innovative report now generating bigger investments in real, concrete destination development”. Client for preparatory study on destination development, Norrbotten
”5.25 on the 6-grade rating scale.”
Response from strategic workshop on branding in Stockholm, involving enterprise managers, directors of tourism and leaders from the travel industry
”The workshop justified the entire trip”.
Annika Myhr, Enterprise development manager, Härjedalen’s Municipality
”Place branding, sustainable development and international marketing with focus on what pristine, unique nature can offer when locally anchored. Very exciting.”
Magnus Sylvén, Customer representative for the Greater Laponia project, destination development and place branding
”The participants got really engaged and active thanks to the high level of creativity – and with a good sense of humour.”
Lina Lif, Tourism developer, Jämtland-Härjedalen Tourism Agency
”Valuable connections between branding, enterprise and product development. This really created a feeling of discovery amongst the entrepreneurs.
Per Palage, Tourism developer, Bergs Municipality
”Intensive and inspiring! Useful perspectives on the connections between urban, green structures, visitor enterprise management in the archipelago and our multidimensional brand”.
Magnus Wegler, Responsible for visitor management, Haninge Municipality
”Useful activities, good discussions on development of tourism destinations, the power of attraction and marketing.”
Claes Fahlgren, Manager LEADER Västra Skaraborg